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Singer Jackie Chandiru Makes A Big Comeback At ’77 DOGS’

Last week on Friday, almost forgotten singer Jackie Chandiru made her first public appearance after a long period of battling drug addiction at Pastor Robert Kayanja’s Rubaga Miracle Center. She had shockingly come to the pastor for prayers and to be allowed to join the 77 Days Of Glory (77 DOGS) which is a series of Christian fellowships

In a teary mood, Jackie couldn’t hold tears flowing from her eyes as she narrated how life has been hard for her thus a decision to Join 77 Dogs as a loyal follower. On the same day, Jackie revealed how she gave her life to Jesus Christ as well as begging her fans not to look at her past but rather see her as a better and reformed person. Her story left many attendees in tears because of her looks.

Jackie who recently went back to studio really looked so different from her usual self. What shocked most people is the fact that the singer could hardly talk. She lost most of her front teeth and when she smiles, you can’t believe it is actually Jackie. This prompted many to comfort and promise her a better future.

For starters, Jackie Chandiru’s music career hit its peak around 2007, after a search that was named Coca-Cola Pop Stars. She emerged the winner with three other singers, Cindy Sanyu and Lilian Mbabazi. Later the three formed one singing group and called Blu3. Sadly, the group never lasted long before as they later up broke up bitterly.

After the breakup, Jackie Chandiru had a successful music career as a solo singer. Mid way, Jackie was rumored to have been using drugs to inspire her  to sing although she denied the allegation and claimed it was witchcraft from her rival singers.

The truth however manifested when she was rushed to a rehab center after a long period of drug addiction which she has been battling all this time.

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