Singer Jackie Chandiru Offered A Job At MUBS

Following the incident that happened over the weekend when singer Jackie Chandiru collapsed at Makerere University Business School (MUBS) where she was invited to sensitize students about dangers of drug abuse, she has been asked to take up a job at the Nakawa based university.

According to the management of the university, they want Chandiru to sensitize students against consumption of drugs at the Career Guidance and Counseling department of Makerere University Business School (MUBS).

This was revealed by the MUBS Principal Professor Waswa Balunywa during the launch of the MUBS Anti-drug Use Campaign on Friday, organised by the monthly MUBS Women Forum.

“Seven years ago, this was a girl with a promising future but see what drugs have done to her. Artistes take these drugs to give them energy and courage to perform on stage but look at the long term effects on life” Prof Balunywa warned the students.

Jackie Chandiru offered a job at MUBS

Professor Balunywa said that if Chandiru accepts, she is the perfect person to advise students about their careers and the futility of drug consumption.

Jackie Chandiru before collapsing had told the students her plight with drugs. “For the past eight months I have been battling addiction. I urge women or students not to get into this because it has ruined my life.” Chandiru said and further added that she can no longer wear short sleeved shirts because they would expose her wounds.

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