Singer Joel Sebunjo Introduces New Style, Features ‘Waka Stars’ In New Video

There are over 50 Ugandan musicians doing World Music but it is on rare cases that the public gets to know them apart from a few staunch followers of that genre of music. Their audiences are more in countries like Cameroon, Mali and Angola among others and this is where they perform most from.

One Ugandan artiste who has had half of his career doing that kind of music is Joel Sebunjo. He is widely considered a World Musician but with his latest single ‘Rise Up Africa’, he has decided to apply new tactics.

In order to penetrate the secular circles, Sebunjo has decided to involve a new group of dancers who also happen to be movie actors to feature in his video.

The Wakastars, a band that comprises of Wakaliwood’s child actors are video vixens of the song that comes off his album United Slaves Of Africa’.

“These kids bring out the beauty in Africa and they portray the picture of Africa and how the people of Africa live happily and that was what they showed in the video,” Sebunjo said when asked why he included the wakastars in the video.

Watch the video below

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