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Singer Juliana Furious With MTN For Blocking Her Number And Giving It Away

We thought that telecom companies no longer block subscribers’ phone numbers that are inactive for a couple of months but it seems we are wrong.

MTN, which is one of the top telecom companies in Uganda disconnects and later recycles numbers that become inactive for a period of more than 270 days (9 months)

This is probably something that veteran singer Juliana Kanyomozi who was away for a year didn’t see coming and she is not happy about the fact that her number was disconnected and also given away.

After realising that MTN did so without her notice, disappointed and furious Juliana took to her official Twitter account to express her dissatisfaction with the telecom. She also make a point that she is quitting using MTN to join Airtel Uganda, which is competing company to the former.

@mtnug you block my registered line with no notice at all simply because I was away for just a year? And even go ahead and give it away?? Gd bye @mtnug about  time. Hello @Airtel_Ug Read furious Juliana’s tweet

As soon as MTN saw the Tweet, they responded. “Hi JULIANA, we wish to look at this, and advise appropriately. Please share this number in the DM and we check” but their reply fell on the “Nabikowa” hit singer’s ‘deaf ears’

Meanwhile, Juliana’s complaint led to other complaints from other MTN subscribers in the replies section to the singer’s tweet.

“I am also a victim, when i called the customer care, the guy arrogantly told me that they gave out my line because i had taken 9month without using it” complained a one Fank Gallas

In reply to Gallas, Juliana said “Customer care in this country unfortunately is non existent in many places. They think they are doing you a favour”

Meanwhile, in the middle of her complaining, there are some Twitter users who feel like it is Juliana’s fault

 “You bought a line, da company expected u to use it. One yr down the road u haven’t used it. They have given da number to someone ready to use it and ur crying. @mtnug this is not a case to be concerned abt.”  Said a one Joel Nahurira





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