Singer Julie Mutesasira’s Children Impress At East Africa’s Got Talent With Mature Showcase

The grand prize for the winner of the inaugural East Africa’s Got Talent (EAGT) is USD 50,000 which is an equivalent of Ug Shs 184,690,000, KShs 5,160,500, TShs 114,990,000 and RwF 45,886,000.We cannot wait to see who takes this money home

Just like any talent search contest, participants have to prove that they got the talent to the judges and only the best will walk home with the money.

Talking about proving themselves, over the weekend, gospel singer Julie Mutesasira’s children Ezekiel Mutesasira and Esther Mutesasira didn’t only prove they are talented but also wowed the judges during episode two of the talent showcase

The two extremely talented children wowed the judges as they sang Alexandra Burke’s ‘Hallelujah’ song. Their vocal ability, blend and confidence that they displayed on stage did not only excite the judges but also got them hooked to their performance as they all looked in nothing but awe. As a matter of fact, some doubting Thomases thought the two were just singing along a played record

Midway their performance, one of the judges Gaetano Kaggwa who was overwhelmed by their unmatched talent was forced to stop them in an attempt of getting each to sing alone. Ezekiel,11 went first and impressed the more before Esther, 14 did way better than from the beginning

At the end of their showcase, all the four judges were more than impressed and their endorsements didn’t come from far. They all said yes to the pair.

“I have goosebumps on my body, my entire body is covered in goosebumps” Judge Gaetano said

“Somebody say oh my, those songs you sang take huge lungs, big lungs and you pulled it off” Judge Jeff Koinange said

“I love your personalities, you light up when you are with your sister. Something incredible is about to happen to both of your lives and it’s going to happen on this East Africa’s got talent.” Judge Vanessa Mdee said.

East Africa’s Got Talent is a talent show  competition that is part of the Got Talent franchise owned by Simon Cowell.

Watch gospel singer Julie Mutesasira’s children wowing the judges in the video below.

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