Singer Leila Kayondo Wishes Self A Quick Recovery After Boda Boda Accident

On Saturday, Singer Leila Kayondo was involved in a nasty boda-boda accident in the areas of Kansanga. A source told Chano8 that the singer was traveling on a boda-boda which was overspeeding and accidentally knocked another boda boda. This incident saw Leila hurt her leg but she was rushed to a nearby clinic.

She called her close friends who preferred to keep the incident a top secret until today when she posted a photo of her right swollen bandaged leg on her social media platforms. She captioned the photo saying “Wishing ma’self quick recovery”

Her social media fans prompted her to say what went wrong but she remained quiet on the matter. Her social media followers, with no idea what happened to Leila’s leg were quick to shower her with recovery messages and we hope she will be back on her feet pretty  soon

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