Singer Liane Signs With Thadeus Mubiru

After refusing to sign a new contract with Sipapa Entertainment, musician Liane Nakawesi we have learnt has signed a mega deal with Thadeus Mubiru’s Extra Level Entertainment. 

It was reported that Liane and her former boss (Sipapa) had a relationship that went beyond music, some claiming that she was also on the verge of getting married but after she found out that Sipapa had more than two wives already, she decided to terminate her contract until Thadeus came in with a better offer.

Thadeus also had gone silent on the entertainment scene after her managerial relationship with Iryn Namubiru hit a dead end after she claimed that he was one of the people behind her arrest some years ago in China over drugs.


Liane in a music video

Liane has been on the scene for over seven years now but her career has just been fading time and again. Tracking where she began from, the artiste was the first to be signed by UG Records before Rabadaba and Empress but the two went past her in a matter of months.

However, she’s mostly famed by her gorgeous body, killer smile, dance strokes, over-the-top fashions, quirky and stage performance. Some of her tracks include ‘Nkubira Ku ssimu’, ‘Singa’, ‘Heart Rate’, ‘Omusawo’, ‘Holiday’ and ‘Weyanze’ ft Peter Nawe.

She has attained remarkable success as the Rising Diva in the 2011 Diva Awards Africa, Best Zouk Song in the 2015 HiPipo Music Awards and landing performance deals at big Regional festivals in Kenya, Burundi, Congo, Tanzania, Sudan, Kigali Rwanda and South Africa.

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