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Singer Mary Bata Fires Back At Critics Over Her Dress Code

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Credit goes to Ugandan musicians. Everyone dresses to kill whenever they are attending concerts or going for award ceremonies. They will dress up in their best outfits but sometimes the attires they think are the best may be seen as ordinary in some people’s eyes or not attractive at all.

Some artistes swallow the criticism while others tend to defend themselves but musician Mary Bata just decided to bash her critics.

She attended the HiPipo awards last Saturday dressed in a golden dress with a long slit. It is the slit that tipped off people to start critiquing her.

Some people said she is old to wear dresses with slits while others said her body is not sexy for that kind of outfit.

In retaliation, Mary Bata who walked away with an award of ‘Best Band Song’ said she doesn’t dress to impress anyone because she’s not a fashion monkey.

“I love this dress gwekilumye aVe ku podium, you know some people mwagalanyo ebyononese mbu Ela nio nio nio biyambamwe temumalila budde, me I don’t dress to impress anyone nor to whatever is on hook, I only dress the cost “ Am not a fashion monkey, Am an artist.” She said.

This is the dress that made critics bash singer Mary Bata

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