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Singer Mary Bata quits Cream Production Over Pay

After successfully having her maiden concert at Theatre Labonita a month, artiste Mary Bata has decided to quit Haruna Mubiru’s Cream production following lack of payment and musical sabotage. 

She says Hajji Haruna Mubiru sold her concert to Bajjo Entertainment without her knowledge. “I never received any payment regarding my concert because it was sold to Bajjo entertainment a few days before. All along Hajji Haruna has been promising that he will pay me but in vain.” She said.

As if that wasn’t enough, the ‘Landlord’ artiste also says she was sabotaged at her Mukono show when Haruna Mubiru tried to cancel her show because she wasn’t on location yet it was him who had communicated with one of the band members to tell her that the show wouldn’t take place because people were few.

Mary use2

Mary Bata

“On my way to Mukono, one Cream Band member told me that the show had been cancelled because people were few, but I got second thoughts as soon as I had reached Sseta so I decided to turn around and see it for myself if it’s true the show was cancelled but to my surprise, I found Hajji Haruna on the microphone telling the crowd that I had refused to come and perform. I immediately dressed to my stage attire then took to the stage and performed with a lot of questions why my boss would do such a thing.”

She even claims that it was the “Binyuma’ artiste who ordered fans to smash her car in Kasangati after big artistes shunned the show.

Haruna use2

Cream Production boss Haruna Mubiru

However, Hajji Haruna Mubiru refused to give us his side of the story and referred us to his manager whose phone has been off since then.

Mary Bata is now signed to Ziza Bafana’s Magic Town which explains why she always moves around with him these days.

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