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Singer Mathias Walukagga Surprises His Doubters, Narrates His School Life In Fluent English

One of the ways doubters/haters can bring a candidate down is by advocating for parading and verification of his/her academic credentials although it in one way helps in identifying those with fake ones.

One of the Kyengera Town Council Mayorship aspirants in the 2021 general elections, Kadongo Kamu singer Sir Mathias Walukagga is one whose academic credentials and his English speaking ability are being doubted by some people.

He on Thursday was part of the people who were unveiled as new members of the newly founded political party, National Unity Platform (NUP), headed by headed by musician-turned-politician Bobi Wine and this is the party Walukagga will be representing for during the elections.

While asked to clear the air on the matter in an interview with Spark TV, the veteran singer surprised his doubters by narrating his school life in what we may call fluent English.

“I am an aspiring candidate for Kyengera Town Council mayorship come 2021. Among those people who doubt documents, no one has ever taught me, no one has ever been in one school with me.” He said

He claims that after completing senior 4, he joined a Teacher Training College.

When I completed senior four (S4), I joined TTC (Teacher Training College) and am a qualified teacher. I joined TTC for two years and I managed to get the academic qualifications equivalent to senior six (S6) so you can’t doubt my academic papers. I am good in English and am a professional teacher” He added

Basing on the fact that many people were hearing him speak the Queen’s language for the first time, and fluently at that, this came like a surprise and shocker to his doubters who knew him for this Luganda speaking man that didn’t go to school.

Watch Mathias surprise his doubters 

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