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Singer Maurice Kirya In A Dirty Fight With Cancer

In his post of Facebook, Maurice Kirya is very bitter like we have never seen him before over this deadly life claimer CANCER. Away from the handsome, gentle and diplomatic soul captivating musician that we know, Maurice raised his middle figure to cancer and he is unapologetic about it.

“Here is a message to Cancer, (F U) and that’s exactly how I feel. I ask all my fans to get checked up for breast cancer and prostate cancer.  We will beat it, you can beat it, and we fight! Love you all” Maurice Kirya Official Facebook Page.


The soft spoken warm artist says that cancer should be fought with an attitude

This does not come as a shock considering the enemy in question is cancer, the deadly incurable disease has claimed lives of many in Uganda and around the world. It is on this basis that this soul therapist calls up on his fans, friends, family, celebrities, politicians, and even enemies to be strong and confident in fighting this disease. He calls upon people to go for cancer checkups especially for breast and prostate cancer as they can be cured if detected at an early stage.  Most of his fans have already contacted him on Facebook telling him about their cancer worries and conditions.

The talented gorgeous singer also released a massive video this week “Horses In The Sky”. Which Chano8 will be reviewing today so you can watch it and do the reviews together with us, be the judge.

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