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Singer Melody Heads Back To Sipapa Entertainment

Just like parents, record labels also play a huge role in artiste’s careers and when an artiste decides to move on, only time tells whether that decision was right or wrong depending on what they have achieved while away.

For some it works out while for others it doesn’t and for Melody it didn’t and that is why he is back at where it all started from.

Melody real names Manson Kakooza started his singing career at Sipapa entertainment and it’s because of this label that he was able to record a song titled ‘Nkoleki’ with Jose Chameleon which really worked for him because two years in the industry, he has never had a successful song like that and after recording a few others, he thought he was ready to take a solo career.


Melody is back at Sipapa


The welcome party 

That turned out wrong because everything went west side. But just like a parent, Sipapa entertainment didn’t want one of their own to suffer and in the process; they welcomed him back a few days ago.


Melody and other artistes after being officially welcomed at Sipapa

The event took place at the company offices in Mutungo where other new artistes signed to the label where also unveiled some of whom include Buchaman, Selena Batta, Carl Famous and Brown Sugar.

“I’m very happy to be back home and I’m so grateful that management has welcomed me with open arms,” Melody said.

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