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Singer Melody ‘Stings’ Promoter Sipapa After Quitting Sipapa Entertainment

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Singer Melody is famed for songs like ‘Nkoleki’, ‘Photo Photo’ and ‘Mulema’ among others and it is through such songs that music promoter Sipapa of Sipapa Entertainment decided to sign him under his management. The contract they signed made Melody think he had made it which has not been the case.

According to Melody, real names Manson Kakooza, Sipapa has not met his end of the deal ever since they signed the contract.

He says that Sipapa has never financed any song for him, has never paid him yet he performs on several events.

“I haven’t benefited anything from sipapa as a musician. I don’t have any song that I recorded from there. I’ve been singing for free while at his group. I don’t have any money on my account. He failed to pay my rent,” he said.

Adding that he doesn’t have anywhere to sleep after his landlord chased him out of the house and confiscated his property. “My landlord confiscated my property. I always move with a few clothes in my bag which I keep on changing.”

With this mistreatment, Melody has decided to quit the group and consider this as a start over for his music career.


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