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Singer Rachael Whose Skirt Fell Off At Kyarenga Concert Wanted By Minister Lokodo

Everything has consequences. Much as singer Rachael Namiiro stole the headlines at the just concluded Kyarenga concert after he skirt fell off her body during her performance with singer Eddy Yawe, the latest we have received is that the musician is in big trouble.

It is said that Namiiro has been summoned by the Ethics Minister of Ethics and Integrity Father Simon Lokodo who said that the musician is going to be arrested.

“We Are Going To Arrest the Girl Who Undressed At Kyarenga Concert” Father Lokodo.

The Minister for Ethics Fr Lokodo says he has instructed police to have the girl arrested for questioning.

“She behaved inappropriately during her performance. Me and my team have viewed and scrutinized the video concluding that it was intentional for the skirt to fall.” Added Lokodo.

Singer Rachael Namiiro might be arrested after her skirt fell off at the recent Kyarenga Concert

However, a source close to the musician confirmed to us that the musician hasn’t yet received any summons from the minister.

Racheal’s skirt fell as she was performing ‘Tukigale’ with Eddy Yawe forcing her to perform in her brown bikers. This made many people, especially those who were watching online think she has fully naked.

Racheal’s public apology after the Busaabala incident ought to have fallen on Father Lokodo deaf ear who ordered for arrest. We shall keep you informed about  developing stories on this matter

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