Singer Radio Goes Back To His Old Look, Growing Fresh Dreadlocks

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When singer Mowzey Radio woke one morning and cut off his dreadlocks which he had kept for many years, people criticised him as well as some commending him for finally getting rid of the hair. 

When Chano8 contacted him on why he made a critical decision and chopped of the hair, he simply told us that to him music is more important than dreadlocks. “I felt like cutting the hair off. Music is more important to me than dreads and looks and I feel great.” Radio told Chano8   

After close to two years with the new hairless look, we now see the ‘Neera’ singer  rocking another look with fresh dreadlocks. As a matter of fact, the pace at which they are growing is surprising and we might see them catch up with his music partner Weasel’s.

 If you attended the Unplugged Season 2 at Liquid Silk, Naalya yesterday the 6th of December, you ought to have seen the length of his locks as he alongside Weasel put up an exciting performance for the revellers who filled the night spot.

Since he Radio had given a reason of music being important than dreads, we thought he was going to maintain the bald look but with this latest hair do, Radio seems to have gone back to rocking his old look. On the same note, artistes like Jose Chameleone and Bobi Wine who also chopped off their hair have kept the short hair looks but Radio had grow dreads again

Radio and Weasel performing at Liquid Silk Naalya’s Unplugged season 2

Radio before he cut off his dreadlocks

How Radio looked when he got rid of his dreads last year


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