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Singer Ronald Mayinja’s Alleged ‘Mpekoni’ Car Gift Raises Hell

People, especially those who support opposition pressure group People Power are of late castigating veteran singer Ronald Mayinja over what is perceived as crossing from People Power to ruling NRM party.

Although the ‘Tuli Ku Bunkenke’ singer hasn’t come out to confirm it, information has it that he allegedly made an ally with the NRM and is ready to work with them. It is also said that, Mayinja was given Ug Shs 600 million although he distanced himself from those rumours.

All this left aside, the trending news about Mayinja now is about the Toyota Land Cruiser V8 locally known as ‘Mpenkoni’ worth Ug Shs 300 million, which is said to have been given to him as gift from NRM. This has left some people hating, criticizing him and hurling all kinds of insults at him, using social media as the platform

“My stomach churns when i see pipo who have been in the struggle to redeem UG just becoz NRM pays them they forget all. I curse u, ur kids, n all those after. cant u eat n stay on the truth Ronald Mayinja? Why are our pipo so gullible? What do we do @HEBobiwine, @JoelSsenyonyi One twitter user tweeted

“M7s strategy of rewarding musicians with Cars ,cash and cows is Avery wrong strategy
Musicians are not the only Ugandans with the mandate to vote or determine issues of this country ,this selective rewarding is not only a kind of corruption”
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Local artistes Bebe Cool, Catherine Kusasira are some of the other musicians who have been gifted with the same cars after crossing to and showing their support to NRM

Here is are comments from irate social media users over Ronald Mayinja’s car gift..





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