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Singer Sheebah Mocked On Twitter Over Bragging About ‘Attracting Both Genders’

Apart from attracting Men, Team No Sleep’s Queen Sheebah Karungi has also been attracting women too and many people didn’t know until she a few days ago took to her social media platforms to brag about how she attracts two genders

“You Know You Are Attractive When You Attract Both Genders” Read Sheebah’s post on her official Twitter account

The ‘Nkwataako’ singer ought to have Tweeted to let the whole world know about her ability to attract men and women but little did she know that it was going to get her mocked by some Twitter users who didn’t find it amusing

Sheebah was mocked by some tweeps for ‘attempting to promote lesbianism’ although she kept her cool and didn’t reply any of them

“Hello @Ksheebah1 I can see that the Vampire mode is loading..But you must renounce and fight it. Praying for you.”  Controversial city pastor Martin Sempa commented. “So ur telling us to look gay” read another comment

Another tweep took it a notch higher by threatening to boycott the singer’s shows “Be clear bitch…are you a lesbian!…then let us boycott your bu concerts n shows”

Here are comments from Twitter users  mocking Sheebah over bragging about attracting both genders

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