Singer Spice Diana Gives Tips On How To Sanitize Mobile Phones

The Covid19 cases are rising in Uganda and we believe that is one of the reasons why the government hasn’t probably lifted the lockdown.

Some of the ways of stopping the spread of this deadly disease is, staying home, keeping a safe distance from people, sanitizing and wearing a face mask while in public places.

Research has it that the Coronavirus lasts 2 to 3 days on plastic and steel and therefore  mobile phones which are some of the things people touch and hold a lot need to be sanitized frequently to give no room for the virus. This is mainly because we touch lots of things that may be exposed to the virus like money among other things.

For those who are afraid of sanitizing mobile phones because of fear that the sanitizer might enter inside and destroy the phone, singer has given you simple tips how to.

In a video she shared on her Facebook page, she is seen taking the viewers through a few steps one might need to follow to sanitize a phone without poring the sanitizer in any phone opening like ear and mouth pieces and charging slots.

She begins by telling the viewer to unplug the phone from power in case it’s charging. Remove the phone cover if it is in one, apply sanitizer on a clean cloth until it almost gets soaked and then wipe the phone thoroughly avoiding the openings.

Watch the video here.






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