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Singer Stecia Mayanja’s Wedding Called Off

With all the excitement that has been going on in Golden production after their own band member Stecia Mayanja was today supposed to be walking down the aisle, the latest is that, the long awaited wedding has been called off with the singer’s mother claiming her son in-law is a conman.

Stecia’s mother claimed Abbas Mubiru is a fraudster who doesn’t know what he wants. She also added that the man never even brought gifts during the pre-kwanjula function. “I can’t let my daughter settle with such a man. He didn’t even bring the basic gifts like a gomesi and kanzu when he visited. How sure will I be that he can take care of my child” She said.


Stecia Mayanja


The golden production member had her wedding party at Guvnor last Wednesday with hundreds of people in attendance.

However, in a strange related development, the artiste is being advertised to perform at Theater Labonita on the same evening as her wedding day.

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