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Singer Sweet Kid Finally Gives Up On Music To Pursue Business

It is a wrap for almost forgotten singer Sweet Kid. In a recent brief interview with ‘NBS Uncut’ show, he tells it all that he will never go back to the studio to record a song. He is officially out of the challenging music industry.

“ I am going to concentrate on other different things. I am officially out. I won’t be active in the industry again” Sweet Kid confirmed.

When he was pressed hard to explain why he has chosen to put a halt to his singing career, the singer said that he was naturally a businessman and would do music as a hobby.

“ Before I started singing, I used to love doing business. So I am going back to what I feel I can do better. Music was just a hobby” He said.

Sweet Kid gives up on music

Sweet Kid started active singing in 2000s with a hit song dubbed ‘Mama Brenda’.  Years later, the singer went on to release more hit songs time and again until a few years ago when he went silent and now he finally came out to say bye bye to singing

However, Sweet Kid’s fans have been urging him to consider making a concert as away of officially saying goodbye to them. They still claim they love him and his songs even after being off the music industry for a very long time.

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