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Singer Vinka Gets Social Media Roasting After Attacking Cindy

The singers Cindy Sanyu and Sheebah Karungi’s social media beef is getting more interesting every passing day and if you are not in the know, where do you live?

Anyway for matters of clarification, a few weeks ago while at an interview on UBC TV, the self proclaimed ‘King Cindy’ hit at Sheebah saying that ‘she needs some good time to practice live performing so that she can be able to battle with her’.

This entire battle thing came up in an earlier interview with media personality J Kazoora who asked Cindy whether she would allow a funded battle with Sheebah

Cindy on top of hitting at Sheebah’s juvenile live performance skills, she also added saying as a matter of fact, majority of the trending female local artistes whose names she didn’t mention, cannot perform live and neither can they write their own lyrics. She simply referred to then as ‘dummies’

It is from these statements that  Swangz Avenue signed artiste Vinka came out to fire back at Cindy through a Tweet saying that it is a personal choice to be a singer or song writer or be both.

So we are dummies… uhm. I think what is dumb is not knowing that even e greatest artists of all time are signed to labels. Beyoncé has writers too.. Whitney had writers too.. you can be a singer and song writer but you don’t have to be both. It’s a choice.” Read Vinka’s Tweet.

The ‘Chips Na Ketchup’ hit singer ought to have Tweeted in an attempt of hitting back at Cindy but little did she know that it would turn into a nightmare for her as many social media users bashed her for poking her nose in matters which don’t concern her

One Facebook user commented on Vinka post and said. ”Vinka now has balls to speak wen elders r talking. Young boy sit down yo small balls n be humble wait for battle wth fresh kid”

Here are some screen shots of comments from social media users who bashed Vinka for poking her nose in the Sheebah and Cindy social media fight

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