Singer Yvonne Kushe ‘Marries’ Music As She Unveils Debut Album At Colorful Event

Dressed elegantly in a white flawless wedding gown, she sauntered onto the stage amidst ululations and wild cheers. Walking gracefully with calculated steps, microphone, on one hand, the sound effects perfectly punctuated with flickering bright lights to complete the goosebump-inducing feeling.

The guests looked stunned and confused though the cheering continued with lots of questions on their smiling faces. Soon, the answer came in an unexpected way. “Do you take music as your partner? “I do”. And just like that, the deal was sealed with complete vows and time for what had gathered the excited guests here. They burst out into a chorus of woooos and yeahs.

Yvonne Kushe was finally ‘unchained’ and married to the long-term love of her life – music and we were there to witness the colorful event.

It understandably took some of the revelers quite some time to grasp the whole glamorous and unique stage entrance concept of a young and promising singer who just started music as a career in 2019. However, all came to light after she finally unveiled and bellowed onto the microphone that sweet, mellow voice sending her expectant fans into more frenzy.

The ‘Mugoole’ taking her vows on Saturday in front of family and friends.

And as she got to the song most Ugandans know her for ‘Take you to Africa”, the attendees knew it was party time. This is what had brought them to the newly opened and magnificent Onomo Hotel in Nakasero – the unveiling of Kushe’s maiden Album titled ‘Unchained’.

While explaining to the audience why she turned up in a wedding dress, Kushe said she felt she was finally free and “unchained from the bondage of fear and loneness” that had held her captive for a long time and that; she was finally getting ‘married’ to her passion and long time companion – music.

She said although she had started music a long time ago in her childhood, even her short journey to Vancouver Canada did not feel right “…because I was fighting so many insecurities in my life” the beauty queen from Kiruhuura explained in that calm assuring voice.

The acoustic guitar is ever-present as Kushe tells her story

After successfully battling loneliness and insecurities back home in Uganda, she felt there was a new lease of life and a new beginning hence unchained. This is why she called her debut Album ‘Unchained’.

So, Saturday 29th January was D-day for this long-awaited album to be unveiled to the world and there is no better way to do it than perform the songs on the album to your special guests. And boy perform did she, with gusto as her unique music style where she blends elements of Afro-pop, Caribbean, and Afro-Jazz which in her words she describes as  ”a marriage between Pop and Afrojazz” were in full blast.

And then some rap to spice it all up.

She serenaded the audience that included her parents, family, and diehard fans, with songs like ‘Take you to Africa’, ‘Mbaliga’, and ‘Kanwani ‘. By the time she got to ‘Kulikayo’, it was time to groove and some of the younger revelers joined her on stage to shake it. Her new attire was also appropriate for this session as she mixed and mingled with the fans during the performances that ended at around 10 pm.

And her family and friends were there to support her on her special day. She had officially announced her arrival on the Ugandan music scene accompanied by the likes of JC Muyonjo, Body of Brian, Rickman Manerick, and MC of the day Cynthia. This year will surely be the year for her to consolidate her position among the fresh talent to look out for in Uganda.

Chilling with the big boys. Yvonne Kushe has officially announced her entrance onto the Ugandan music scene.

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