Six Sexy Sheebah Karungi Outfits That Will Make Your Jaws Drop

Photo By Habre Muriisa/Chano8

Team No Sleep’s Sheebah Karungi’s sexy outfits have always had social media talking. Her teasing appearance makes it hard to not take a second glance at her and her eye popping figure especially in the outfits she rocks nowadays.

Of late, the self proclaimed “Karma Queen” on many occasions has thrown social media into a frenzy with her eye catching sexy photo shoots to promote her image  and raunchy music, which seems to be an anthem to many of her female fans.

She recently announced her Sheebah Collection fashion business although we are waiting in vain for the day she announces the shop location so that her customers can begin visiting the it. Apparently she is using social media as means of marketing for the outfits which are already in stock.

The outfits she has been wearing with photos making rounds on social media have been a real talk although her critics at times mock her. Her reply is ‘she doesn’t not care as she has faced harder things in her music career that just mere Facebook comments’. 

Chano8 has compiled 6 of Sheebah’s sexy outfit photos we deemed as a must see. Check them out below and tell us what you think.

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