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SK Mbuga Surprises Fiancee With Trip To Dubai

You will all agree with me that the word ‘I’m pregnant’ is one of the hardest words to sink in for most men but not Suleiman Kabangala Mbuga, alias SK Mbuga.

Mbuga over the weekend decided to surprise his fiancée Vivian Birungi by taking her on a trip to Dubai after discovering that she’s pregnant with his baby.


Vivian stares proudly down at her baby bump

Pictures released showed Mbuga with Vivian on a boat cruise on an expensive yacht, and rumour has it that Mbuga spent millions of shillings-not to take her for the boat cruise but to purchase the yacht for her, though it is not yet confirmed.


Mbuga and Vivian aboard the yacht he apparently purchased for her

The two dated for a while before Vivian introduced his catch to her parents in a ceremony that even had military police patrolling the area.

Mbuga 3

Mbuga and his Vivian taking a stroll in Dubai

Before that though, Mbuga had dated artiste Leila Kayondo but their relationship was always on and off following huge disagreement that even led to the Mbuga’s arrest after an alleged assault on her.

Mbuga 4

It is all casual and relaxation for the expecting couple

Sk Mbuga is notably known for his customized expensive cars that include a hummer, range rover, Jeep grand Cherokee and a Mercedez Benz among others, though questions are still asked about his business ventures.

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