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SK Simeon Expresses Love For ‘Matooke’ In Animated Video

Australia-based Ugandan Ragga artiste SK Simeon is one of the Diaspora singers truly raising Ugandan flag high when it comes to music. He represents for the genre of Ragga music and he does it in the style of the worlds all time Ragga singers like Super Cat, Buccaneer and Shaba Ranks.

Those who have listened to his songs like ‘Doper Than Dope’, and ‘Round Of Applause’ can testify to this and SK himself has a promising future. He recently released the video for his ‘Matooke’ single.It’s a Luganda word meaning (green) bananas


Melbourne-Australia based Ugandan Ragga artiste SK Simeon

About the song ‘Matooke’

Produced by King Toppa from Germany, ‘Matooke’ is a song with hard Ragga beats of the 80’s and the artiste sang in a mixture of Luganda and Jamaican Patois languages. The song is dedicated to the love of bananas which is a staple food in many regions of Uganda. It is very rare to find a restaurant or a hotel without bananas amongst the dishes served.

SK expressed his love for Bananas and in the lyrics like ‘saagala kulya mukyeere’ meaning he doesn’t want to eat rice as he prefers Matooke instead.

‘Matooke’ the video

It is an animated video done by Seb Fowler who is one of the best animators and illustrators in Australia. It starts with a scene of SK Simeon sitting in a plane that is flying from Australia to Uganda. However, due to the urge for bananas, SK does not wait for the plane’s door to open but instead kicks it off and immediately boards a special hire car cab from the airport.



SK Simeon kicks off the plane’s door



He stops by a hotel to eat something and the waiter serves him rice which he rejects on spot. In the next scene, he marches to the market and is seen standing next to a huge heap of Matooke (bananas). The animator then shifts our attention to SK again as he jumps on track full of bunches of bananas.

SK Simeon saagala Mukyeere

SK Simeon wants only ‘Matooke’ (Bananas)

In this scene, he is seen throwing pieces to people who are however not shown and then jumps off the truck and stops in a village which seems to be having a music gig happening. He joins them and performs for them and gets everyone excited and jumping.


SK Simeon jumping on a track full of matooke bunches

The other concluding scenes show some people seated in a hotel being served bananas and rice plus sexy girls pulling erotic dance moves.

Some of the scenes in the ‘Matooke’ video

sk 14 sk  sk2  sk4 sk5  sk7 sk8 sk10 sk11 sk12

You can watch Matooke by SK Simeon below

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