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When Chano8 And 92 Hands Gave Back To Kosovo

In the Christmas spirit of giving more than receiving, Chano8 Digital Magazine jumped on board to support the noble cause by 92 Hands of giving back to the community. The organisation led by gospel artiste Levixone, championed a procession around the slum area of Kosovo in Makindye, distributing foodstuffs, clothing, spreading pre-Christmas joy on Christmas Eve to the locals.


Tony Mutengu the Business Development Manager Chano8 loading the foodstuffs on the vehicle


92 Hands Organisation

The movement started with a convention of both teams at Treasured Kids Primary School, with a prayer led by Holy Keane Amooti, another gospel artiste. The presents were loaded onto the available vehicles which were driven to the most reachable parts of the slum, from where the teams took over on foot, distributing the give aways door to door, to as many selected members of the community as possible.


Levixone (in a gray jumper) praying with the rest before the charity walk

“It was impossible to give everyone, but since we have grown up from here, we moved around selecting the most desperate households that we knew, and these are the ones we have given Christmas packages today”. Trinity, one of the leaders of 92 Hands told Chano8.


Gospel artiste Holy Keane Amooti and Tricky (Levixone’s little brother)

Andrew Banman, a friend of 92 hands said he found a good cause in the youth of Kosovo helping each other, and he liked to support them.

“I have worked with them since 2010, but more this year. It is a good thing to see how they give back during such festive times, and we will always work with them”. He said.

The residents, like Florence Nakafeero were overjoyed. They thanked the teams for helping them successfully organize Christmas.


This lady was so thankful

In the same spirit, they received clothing from chano8 and Mixakids newspaper, concluding a successful and joyous charity celebration.

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