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Snoop Dogg Hails Beyonce Calling Her Inspirational

Legendary hip hop star Snoop Dogg has praised Beyonce calling her Lemonade album a conceptually enticing piece of work.

“I feel like music industry is gonna always have ups and downs but you can’t reinvent the wheel. It’s always about content that’s the best. Like Beyoncé, for example, she has a hot movie with a hot record. You can watch and listen to it, live with it, and you root for her. That’s what music was meant to do,” he said.

Snoop Dogg praises Beyonce

Snoop Dogg praises Beyonce for being inspirational 

In an interview with Vibe, he further emphasized Beyonce’s style of music instead of other artists who keep trying to make hits,

“No disrespect to those who make hot songs, and follow the fad. It’s just like disco and any other style that got played the f**k out. There are certain things that are meant to come and go and true musicians know how to make material that keeps them around 20 or 30 years later, but they’re still more relevant than what’s new.”

Snoop who is starring in a new reality TV show called coach Snoop also reflected on the Beyonce’ trajectory and from girl group to being number 1,

“She grew into being No. 1 and 15 plus years later she is the ultimate because she teaches how to make a record. To me great artists continue to be great. This is what we do.”

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