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Social Media Memes About Eric Omondi’s Sitting Posture That Will Crack You

Social Media photo

Social media was on fire a few days ago after one of Kenya’s top comedians Eric Omondi innocently posted a photo of him and his girlfriend on his Instagram account but little did he know that the photo was going to get a lot of uncalled for social media attention from the followers.

The photo shows shirtless Omondi clad in orange shots while seated besides his Italian girlfriend called Chantal at what looked a poolside.

What mainly caused the talk about the photo which trended after just a few minutes of its upload was how his man hood was appearing swollen in the pair of shots thus getting a lot of funny comments with people throwing jibes at the comedian

The spontaneous reception of the photo led to the creation of the Eric Omondi Challenge hashtag where people were throwing funny photos with funny captions at that trying to imitate Omondi’s posture

Check the social media madness here.










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