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Social Media Of Uganda Has Changed – Jose Chameleone

When social media was shut down last week, many Ugandans especially the youth were left disgruntled not believing what had just happened because to most of them it felt like a violation of their freedom while other business owners who were running campaigns on social media felt robbed because their target market was no longer online.

Social media within Uganda has grown tremendously with over one million registered users on just Facebook alone. With the ready market, local artistes have also felt the need to tap into the market so that they can easily reach and engage their fans and hopefully grow their personal brands.

However, Jose Chameleone who one of the biggest Ugandan musicians, recently came out and said that an artiste can’t evaluate success by the number of fans he or she has online because it doesn’t necessarily turn into sales,

‘There several people with about 30,000 fans on Facebook and when he or she organizes a show then the person gets 12 people. Social media of Uganda has changed there is no one who supports but there just to criticize,’ Jose Chameleone added, ‘If I woke up tomorrow and said am not illuminati, I will get 10,000 comments but if I share a new song tomorrow I get 600 comments. So if you judging your success on social media there is nothing you are doing,’ he said.

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