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Socialite Bad Black Admits Spoken English Gives Her A Hard Time But Claims She Is ‘Good At’ Written

Through the years, some people have been making fun of controversial socialite Bad Black’s broken English as well as well as sharing clips of her speaking it on social media.

She is one socialite who is comfortable speaking her Luganda although sometimes she attempts speaking the Queen’s language which she doesn’t speak fluently and we cannot blame her for her failure to speak a foreign language fluently.

Despite the fact that people make fun of her inability to speak good English, she is also informed that that the language truly gives her a hard time to speak but claims she is good at writing it.

“I am very good in written in written don’t underestimate me. In written I am dangerous, that’s how I get money, I write, my written is very good than spoken. Speaking English is the problem. I even know how to use a computer” Bad Black said in an interview with Wolokoso Mu Ug Extra, a YouTube TV

Meanwhile, Black real name Shanitah Namuyimbwa alongside her boyfriend Asha Panda recently returned from Zanzibar Island where they had gone to prepare for their wedding.

She in the same interview revealed that the wedding which will be private will take place in  Zanzibar and she intends to dress like the Nnabagereka (Queen) of Buganda Kingdom  Sylvia Nagginda  whom she said inspires her so much




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