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Socialite Bad Black Out Of Prison

Color aside now that she’s light skin, city socialite Bad Black real names Shanita Namuyimbwa has today been released out of prison where she has been for four years now.

The Anti-Corruption Court on Thursday July 12 2012 sentenced the city socialite to four years in jail for embezzling Shs11 billion from Daveshan Company which belonged to her fiancé and British businessman David Greenhalgh.

It is the same court that also sentenced Meddie Ssentongo, who was found guilty of conspiring to defraud Daveshan Company. He was remanded for 18 months after it was believed that he connived with Bad Black after they had dated for some time.


Bad Black (in green) speaks to the press after beibf released fron jail

IMG-20160314-WA0007 IMG-20160314-WA0013

Meddie Ssentongo after completing his sentence, returned on the social scene and is a now member of the Money Team and splashes some money here and there but not as much as he used to previously.

After being released, bad black shortly called for a press conference at club silk and made some newsworthy points. “I now know who my true friends are”. Was one of the things she said referring to all the ladies she used to walk around with who disappeared after she was incarcerated.

She also added that she’s now saved and will be releasing her first gospel song in a few days to come.

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