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Socialite Bad Black’s Troubles Increase As She Is Now Charged With Child Neglect

Of late, socialite Bad Black has somehow made her son Jona a celebrity on social media but today after reporting herself to Kibuli CID officers to answer a few questions about the statements she on president Museveni, Black was charged with a case of child neglect.

It is said that she abandoned her son in a hotel in Kenya in 2017 after failing to pay her huge hotel bills.

But Bad Black answered back saying that she didn’t abandon her son. She narrated that Jonah was kidnapped by two unidentified Ugandan men and three Kenyans who took him to an unknown destination and later asked to send US Dollars 200,000 to recover him or else they would kill him.

She further added that the kidnappers also threatened to kill the boy in case she bothered telling the authorities about the kidnap and after waiting for the ransom close to a week, they lost hope and dropped Jonah at the Ugandan Embassy in Kenya.

Bad Black will report back to CID- Headquarters Kibuli on 4th March, 2019 to record another statement about the case but besides that, she will also continue answering questions about the offensive communication and profanity on social media charges.

Bad Black with her son Jonah whom she allegedly neglected

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