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Socialite Don Zella Suffering From A Depression As She Blames It On Fake Friends

Sheillah Don Zella needs prayers as her health is not okay. The socialite who at some point was a musician as well posted a video of herself in bed talking about her situation.

The former girlfriend to musician Big Eye said that she is suffering from depression and she is already on medication which she doesn’t take on a regular basis.

“There are days when I’m so happy and there are days when I don’t want to know,” she said.

Don Zella however confirmed that this whole situation is brought about unreal people who she thinks are friends yet they are not. “We need real friends around us, the people that we trust with our confidential secrets go ahead and tell them to whoever cares to listen.”

She adds that most of her friends don’t care about her and hang around her because of her money but whenever she is going through hardships, they never call or check on her.

Don Zella in 2016 came out through her social media platforms and admitted that her muzungu husband was suffering from the Parkinson’s disease.

“My husband is a victim of Parkinson disease which has claimed the life of Muhammad Ali. He is a loving father of 3 kids. Parkinson is a scary disease. My husband has taught me to be a strong woman since I got to be there for the kids since he was diagnosed for years ago. He is there mentally and  financially but he can’t support physically that is why I am always 100 % committed to the family and kids. People have left me in the time i needed them but i have never given up bcoz of my husband’s condition. I feel great sharing my story with u my loving fans. Never give up on life.”

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