Socialite Don Zella’s Son Off Life Support

Socialite Don Zella can now have a sigh of relief after his baby boy was put off life support following a threatening incident that almost killed him.

Three days ago, Don Zella posted how she needs everyone’s prayers because her son was in hospital in a critical condition and on life support. She further said that the cause for all this is asthma.

“It breaks ma heart seeing my Britton in such pain going through these asthma attacks. I have struggled with Britton and some days are good some are so bad but yesterday night was more worse.” She posted three days ago.

This encouraged everyone including her fans, friends and family to put Britton in their prayers because he is a fighter and a strong kid.

Don Zella’s son known as Britton has been in hospital since the start of the week but now he is ok although still in hospital.

Don Zella’s son Britton in hosital (we wish him a quick recovery)


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