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Socialite Gareth Onyango Finally Reconciles With His EX And Baby Mama

After 7 years of not talking to each other, city Socialite and marketer Gareth Onyango and his ex who also happens to be the mother of his first child Natasha have finally patched up their differences and have decided to talk again.

Reliable sources reveal to Chano8 that, Gareth and Natasha met over the weekend in a way to get him to re-unite with his daughter. According to our sources, Natasha and Gareth met way back before current girlfriend Nickita Batchu came in the picture.

Gareth is popularly known for putting his love life in public though the sad bit about all his public show of affection is that the former manager at Club Rouge and Club Venom its alleged that he hates taking care of the results from the affection he had years back.

City party animal, Shantal Ruby, a close friend of Gareth’s ex, Natasha Sally one time scoffed at Gareth for neglecting his daughter Leona, sired with Natasha.

Gareth Onyango reunited with Natasha and their baby over the weekend.

Shantal alleged that, Gareth neglected his daughter ever since birth; apparently, he has completely refused to take care of the daughter despite living a lavish lifestyle with his current girlfriend, Nikita Bachu.

“You always complain ati (that) your father was never there for you, so who are you there for? Natasha called you recently, your daughter was sick, you only blocked her. You and I both know your money tayagala, it’s why another man is looking after Leona,” Shantal fumed over the weekend through social media.

“She only wanted you to care. Of all the seven yrs, wakola ki (what did you do?)? Not even a gift. You can’t be a good father to one child, and an a**hole to the other. How dare your daughter wants to talk to you when she’s sick and you just block the mama?”

In a turn of events, Shantal then became the same person who announced the reunion of Gareth and her daughter. She posted on Facebook and said;

“I have just logged in to say I’m proud of you Gareth Onyango. Leo missed you. The father-daughter bond is the best, she must be on cloud 9 now. Happiness is killing me. See her beautiful smile. Haters stay away from this post. Wamma Gary, we can now be friends. You are the best mother Natasha Sally Nas”


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