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Socialite Jack Pemba In Freak Accident, Flees Scene

To some, money is a devil while to others it’s a blessing because it makes them untouchable and among these is city tycoon Jack Pemba who earlier today was involved in an accident on Kintu Avenue just next to Kampala Serena Hotel main gate.

The sports promoter and socialite while driving his sleek Audi convertible ran into another vehicle and not just a vehicle but a red jeep grand Cherokee belonging to National Social Security Fund (NSSF), a public entity responsible for keeping citizen’s money.

Jack Pemba 1

Pemba’s car being moved off the road

Jack Pemba 3

Jack Pemba’s convertible

Jack Pemba 2

His Benz and the NSSF vehicle he knocked (R)

According to eye witnesses, Jack Pemba got out of his car, got to the driver of the Cherokee  car he had knocked who had this time confided with a traffic officer at the scene and told both of them to sort themselves out and get to him afterwards.

As both the traffic officer and the victim were still confused on what to do next, Pemba  went and jumped into his other Mercedes-Benz ML gold car and left the  scene. Meanwhile, he had abandoned the other convertible car that was involved in the accident.

Usually, any person involved in this kind of accident is either arrested or given a penalty (Ticket) but Pemba left the authorities in a state of confusion and the ordinary onlookers puzzled as nothing was done to him.

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