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Socialite Judith Heard In Another Nudes Scandal, Apologises To Fans

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5 years ago, socialite, philanthropist and model Judith Heard was all over the news after her nude photos leaked following an alleged disagreement with her then dude. She trended for a few days but Ugandans later moved on to important things leaving her to die in her own movie

She is now in the news again after more nudes of her made their way on the International Network last night the 28th of May. We got information that the currently trending photos were taken in the United Kingdom where Heard was a few days ago to meet one of her lovers who is claimed to have leaked nudes for the whole world to see.

Since last night, Social media has been on fire with the photos spreading like wild fire, making rounds in different WhatsApp groups and a few of the shameless people have shared them on their Facebook acconts and pages

However,  as the idlers still make a big deal out of this fresh Judith Heard nude’s scandal, the mother of three took to her Face book page to share her side of the story

“I have been under the sun for sooo many years but now am the SUN, A lot of y’all hurt me, I didn’t expect the backlash to be so fierce. I also understand if I’m going to keep getting stabbed at, at least while you’re stabbing me, you should understand my intent, earlier this week i have been putting in work and nothing about that had been said but once i lost one brick off my fence, so many of you have broken it into pieces to throw back at me in every platform registered on internet” Read part of Heard’s post

Judith who currently in Paris France also took a special time to apologise to all her fans and in her words she said. “For my fans, family, friends, sponsors my sincere apologies for any inconveniences caused in the course of the Hater’s sastifaction of bringing me down. MISSION FAILED

Here are some photos but they are not raw, we had to edit them.

This is the dude who allegedly leaked Judith’s nudes


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