Socialite Katsha De’bank To Open School That Will Provide Free Education

Katsha De’Bank is quoted to have said that he studied from Harvard University in the USA. Whether this is true or not, the South African based Ugandan businessman has come out and encouraged the governments of the African countries to always consider education as the main factor in people’s lives.

Katsha claims that Education is life and that without it, life would be miserable. He adds that the African continent is suffering not because of absence of talent but it is due to low literacy rate of the region.

“Considering the importance of education in the development of society at large, we at The Katsha Foundation have pledged our resolve to change the lives of our fellow countrymen by playing our role in education development of the vulnerable segment of the society,” he says.

Through the ‘Katsha Foundation’ which is actively engaged in number of charitable projects, Katsha has visioned a dream where children from down trodden parts of society will be groomed to be valuable to society.

His dream of educational institute is quite distinct in nature as he desires to establish a boarding school where children from down crushed classes of society will be admitted and be provided with quality and matchless education. The beauty of his vision does not stop here as the admitted children will not only be educated at the school level but will be financed and properly looked after till their graduation from the higher education institutes.

Although he hasn’t established where exactly this boarding school is going to be located, sources close to the former TMT (The Money Team) member say that the school is going to be in Mityana district and will be opening in January next year.

Real names Shafique Katumba, De’bank knows that this huge task requires diligence and extra effort but he has full trust and confidence at his team at the foundation to build the future generation of Uganda as they consider education as the fresh air which we breathe.

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