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Solome Basuuta Gets Emotional In ‘Nsuubira’

Solome Basuuta has proved over time that her talent is natural. She is one who doesn’t struggle to look for publicity because her art speaks for itself. Well, the musician a few days ago released her video of her latest track ‘Nsuubira’ (Luganda for I hope) and it is worth checking out.

Shot by ivizualz the video is green screen and a big percent of it has a white background with Solome consoling herself after losing a loved one.

This is the type of video that gets you into the moment, bounces from one scene to another like past and present. It’s easy on the eyes, and the camera angles are nice. Unlike other videos where there are more than five characters, this one has two characters that is Solome as the main character and a video vixen.

Singer Solome Basuuta started out singing as a gospel musician but later switched to other genres like RnB and love ballads.

Watch how Solome Basuuta got emotional in her new video ‘Nsuubira’

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