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Solome Basuuta’s Soulful Love Request To Stay With Her Man

When it comes to releasing a good vocally pampered tune, a big round of applause should go out to Gospel singer Salome Basuuta who adds a very soothing voice to all her songs. ‘Met A Man’ is her recent tune and she released an equally beautiful video to accompany it last year.

Today she has released yet another lovely song dubbed ‘Can We Stay’, a love song where she sings about a couple who has been busy with life and not able to have time for each other. Now that the opportunity has come, she asks him to politely stay with her and not go anywhere to compensate for ‘lost time’.


Songstress Solome Basuuta back with a fresh song ‘Can We Stay’

Produced by Wallace of First Love Studios, ‘Can We Stay’ is among the tracks on Solome’s upcoming album dubbed ‘Song of Solome’

‘Can We Stay’ the song

Solome sings her heart out in this Soul beat and starts off with a request she makes to her man, asking him whether they can stay somewhere together. She continues the verse with describing how the man looks into her eyes which takes her to paradise and how that moment is a dream come true to her, plus how she wants the guy to hold her by the hand and fly her in the sky.

She first sings in a low key and picks the rhythm gradually before hitting the higher notes in English, prior to switching to Luganda in the second verse. In the same love mood, she hails and praises his looks especially his lovely eyes, smiles and how they are so attractive for her to resist.


Solome Basuuta performing at the Qwela Junction Divas episode last year

In true love spirit, she is heard confessing how the man has truly showed her overwhelming love she can’t contain and continues to ask him to ‘stay with her here’ and not leave her so that they can have their sparkling moment of love back.

Her ballads are complimented perfectly with the slow flow of the instrumentation where her heart stays at the man’s place yet currently she has sweet dreams which she needs to stay for eternity. Her chorus is full of passion as she cries out for this man’s attention and presence to stay and abandon all other things he is doing.

The song is so moving and deep, it can move the hardest and meanest heart with a simple story line where a girl is expressing her love to a man she loves and cares about. This is the kind of soothing sound one can listen to on a Sunday afternoon.

You can listen to ‘Can We Stay’ by Solome Basuuta below

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