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Solome’s Amazing Love Story Show.. What You Missed

When rising star Solome said she was going to hold a show this year, many doubted while others said her show would flop, but that didn’t alter her decision because she believed she had God’s grace and favor.

All became too real when May 1st dawned, the skeptics waited in line anticipating to see a lot of empty chairs but that wasn’t to happen. God had heard her prayers and the turn up was massive. Friends, family and fans all turned up to show their support for Solome and boy oh boy, she didn’t disappoint.

Her palpable performance accompanied with amazing vocals got everybody in the Golf course hall nodding their heads in belief, while others got off their seats and started dancing. One of the fans who stood out was a ‘mzungu’ man who couldn’t hide his excitement further or should I say it was like an anointing, he got up and showcased his rare dance moves for about 2 – 5 minutes.

Solome was absolutely stunning.

Solome was absolutely stunning.

Treating her fans to rather amazing ballads, Solome also felt the need to share her love story and hoped everyone could draw from it. She said, ‘I used to date a guy for about 2 weeks and dump him because I would always get bored along the way. This went on for some time until I found God.’

She further goes on to break down the love she shares with the almighty, ‘He is the true love of my life and since I discovered him I have learnt to appreciate myself more. That was the beginning of my love story.’

And if that wasn’t enough, the soulful singer went on to tell her fans, ‘God loves you unconditionally, He loves you the way you are.’

Solome’s My love story show was indeed breathtaking. She was also supported by gospel hip hop artist Ruyonga and rising star Sam Kimera who performed his latest song ‘slow down.’

With the show reaching new heights every passing minute, it turned out to be praise and worship as fans gave thanks to the almighty not only because of Solome’s performance but also for their lives.

The rising star pulled a massive crowd

The rising star pulled a massive crowd

The singer also showed her heart of gold by thanking the sponsors that made it possible, her family, friends and fans for the continuous support.

The show reached the epitome of greatness when Solome was ordained and launched into the music industry by the pastor who prayed for God’s mercy and favor upon her.

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