Solome’s Classic ‘Nsuubira’ Takes You Back Memory Lane Before Driving Into The Unknown

Solome Basuuta’s soothing sounds are back to torment our senses with this new ballad that is slow as to captivate the spirit and powerful in its echoing message to break the hardest heart yet smooth enough to melt the stiffest knee. ‘Nsuubira’ is no ordinary sound as it speaks in different sounds which are harmoniously packaged in a moving melody that can easily send one to slumber land.

It is that unique and vibrant contemporary sound which sends you to the past and moves you slowly back to the present before jerking you to the future like a magical time machine whose technician knows exactly where your suitable destination is at every moment of the song just like your favourite ‘Boda Boda’ man who knows the speed at which you like your rides before dropping you off home after a hectic day’s work.


Solome released Nsuubira on 7th of this month

This is the type of music curved from the past but re-built for the future as it resonates effortlessly through generations past, present as well as for the future in content, style and flow. You are sometimes left wondering; ‘how did we reach this place?….how did we reach this point?’ just like her opening lines which she whispers gently.

From the intro as the chiming bells drop, chills are sent straight through the spine and one can already tell it’s a mellow journey to some kind of hidden, far away paradise. All you have to do is, sit down, relax and surrender to the rest of the gentle forces that will cuddle you through.

Just like the tone of the song which directs the inner soul into the future, ‘Nsuubira’ which was produced by Fred Wallace according to the soft-spoken Solome, is a  Luganda word that means ‘ I Hope’ and an ‘encouragement  to us to hold on to hope despite what is happening in our relationships.

She paints her powerful message in a colourful melodramatic, powerful chord aided by her rich and fresh vocal ability – which by now is the envy of many an aspiring singer. She moves from this low key, almost whispering faze before bursting to life in a seamless transition with that ‘Nje Nsubira’ cry which she keeps repeating with utmost assurance and confidence almost making it sound like a classical acapella with just the acoustic guitar and soft drums barely audible in the back ground.


She is known for her passion for music and powerful messages embibed int them 

Solome who is abundantly gifted is a singer, song writer and worship leader. She burst onto the music scene in 2014 and has since been steadily rising with her unique blend of contemporary music style which surely is destined to take her places. She bellows her message with passion and engages her audience directly as her music speaks to the soul. She also hopes to change many lives and inspire generations to come through music.

All we are waiting for is an equally creative video for ‘Nsuubira’ to spread the word further.You can listen to ‘Nsuubira’ below;


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