Sombre Mood As Hundreds Mourn Ivan Semwanga

Up to now, some people just can’t live with the fact that Ivan Semwanga is deceased and among these are his three sons Pinto Semwanga, Dido Semwanga and George Semwanga who at the church service at Namirembe Cathedral were composed and behaving as if nothing had happened.

You might forgive them for this is something they will have to live with at some point but the mere fact that they are the ones who have been giving their mother Zari a shoulder to lean on perhaps shows how strong they are.

Hundreds turned up for the church service yesterday to pray for the deceased and the mood was low than expected.

Artistes like Bebe Cool and wife Zuena, King Saha and Weasel attended and so did Businessmen Godfrey Kirumira, Jack Pemba and politician Idah Nantaba, the woman Member of Parliament for Kayunga district where the late comes from.

State Minister of Information and Communications Technology Idah Nantaba didn’t reserve her comments of journalists who she said are found of tarnishing people’s names for the sake of selling copies. She advised them to stop it hence forth because of the implications it has on those left behind.

“Yes we know that you are working and you want to sell more copies but what you are publishing is most of the times fake news. I read a certain paper that wrote that Ivan was a devil worshiper and that the snake was the cause of his death and that it’s coming for anyone who benefited financially from him. What kind of news is this!” she queried.

Adding that although this might sound like a joke, but it will have a lasting effect on the children in the future.

Other key speakers advised both Ivan’s family and Zari to make a truce and ensure that they take care of the children together.

Zari (3rd left) sitting with her and the late Ivan Semwanga’s sons Pinto (1st left) Quincy (2nd left) and Didy

Zari and Ivan’s first born Pinto


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