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Song Writer Black Skin Rants Over Artistes’ Failure To Give Him Credit

Most of the time, credit is given to musicians for hit songs but little appreciation is given to the producers and song writers. Despite the fact that award organizers have a slot for the song writers in their specific awards, it is still not considered a big deal.

The only song writers who are appreciated for their work double as musicians as well like the late Mowzey Radio, A Pass and Nince Henry among others

This issue of song writers not not getting the credit they deserve has for a long time not been taken serious until song writer and singer Black Skin came out to mention the songs he has written without accreditation. Through his Facebook page he came out and said that he has written a number of hits but it is only Bebe Cool who credits him.

“Can I go on write good music for these artists who are so min can’t even come out and say that Blackskin wrote this song for me part from Bebecool who is very ok with it,” He wrote.

Black Skin who was also affiliated to Swangz Avenue went further by naming some of the songs he has penned which include ‘Agenda Akuuse’ by Sheebah Karungi, ‘Sitani Tonkema’ by Sheebah, Roden Y and Fik Fameica, ‘Muwe’ by Sheebah, ’32’ by Spice Diana and Weasel, ‘Tokyayitaba’ by Weasel, ‘Embuzi Zakutudde’, ‘Ampalana’ and ‘Kimanazino’ by Gravity Omutujju ,’Tuzina Tulumya’ by Fattah, ‘Katono’ by Aganaga, ‘Twegalile’ by Navio and ‘Tatizo’ by Jose Chameleone.

Singer and song writer Black Skin is not happy with artistes whom he has written hit songs for but not credited him

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