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My Songs Have Meanings Only Fools Don’t Understand, Bebe Cool Fires Back At Critics

Last Thursday at the Club unplugged show, Bebe Cool was in lovey-dovey mood and in high spirits. He only selected songs themed on love that he performed to his adoring fans.

However he still had some time o get to his rivals and critics by saying his songs are prophetic and philosophical. Only fools and daft people cannot comprehend.

“They say Bebe Cool’s songs have no songs that he sings useless songs, but I want to tell these people who are always talking trash in the media that Bebe Cool’s songs have meanings which need one to take time to understand. Only daft people are the ones’ who don’t comprehend.” Bebe shot back at critics who have always questioned the wisdom behind some of his songs.


He says people will thank him later when they finally pick the message in his songs. He had taken the crowd through a very passionate session of live band performances backed by his Gagamel band at the monthly club pilsener sponsored Unplugged shows in Club Silk.


He particularly dedicated the son Akamwako to his critics whom he says talk a lot of nonsense and spend their time hating. He says most of the things he is singing will be clear ten years later when most people will thank him for the massages.

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His wife Zuena Kirema was in the crowd that also had many other big name fans. Bebe repeated the word ‘I love you many times particularly while pointing to his wife who responded by cheering his performances and dancing to the tunes.


Zuena dances at the show with a friend

After performing his blockbuster song ‘Love you everyday’ twice, the excited fans still asked him to repeat as they got to their feet and joined in singing and dancing along.

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