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South African Lady Claims To Be Beyonce’s Mother

Would you believe if we told you that Beyonce was born in South Africa? Well, a South African lady is claiming to be her mother and that she gave the queen bee up for adoption in 1984 at the height of the apartheid.

In a Youtube video shared the lady is seen crying as she says that her wish is for Beyonce to contact her seeing as she has an issue to talk to her about before she went on to reveal Beyonce’s real name,

‘Her real name is Busisiwe, that’s the name I gave her. They then changed it to Beyonce.’

Beyonce maybe South African

Beyonce maybe South African

The lady further went to say that all her attempts to make contact with Beyonce have been futile,

They told me they can’t help because America is far. Their cars cannot be able to take me there because the petrol will be expensive.’

Despite all attempts made, the South African lady says that her only hope is that they contact her so she can meet her siblings and make the ancestors happy,

The ancestors are not happy, they want her to know her real surname. We must make her Islphandla and introduce her to the ancestors. She might experience problems in the near future in her marriage.’

Have a look at the Youtube video below.

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