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Special Feature: All You Didn’t Know About Talent Manager Julie Erusa

Julie Erusa has been into many things and describes herself as a business woman, promoter, talent manager and business coordinator. She has worked with Music Uganda which provides news and reviews. She has also worked with Titan services as well as Talent 256 among others.

Julie Erusa

Julie Erusa

Julie is a business woman, promoter, talent manager and business coordinator so on and so on. She has worked with a lot of artists in the industry such as Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Juliana, Iryn Namubiru and Jackie Chandiru in different capacities.

Born in Kampala, Julie studied at Kampala Parents, then Makerere College then just crossed over to Makerere University to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in arts.

She started working with an online website musicuganda.com while at university in her 2nd year. Wrote and did interviews for some time before she started working with Titan services as well, where was in charge of designing IDs I did that while still working with Music Uganda.

Read more about Julie Arusa in the Chano8 March Issue here.

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