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Spice Diana Causes Social Media Commotion Again

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Gaining a name in the music industry and keeping it are two different things. There is very thick line between the two and most times we should not blame artistes for the things they do.  In most cases they are meant for publicity stunts. For the ladies, going nude is one of the strategies they use to keep relevant but as Chano8 we highly condemn that act.

Singer Spice Diana, started off the year with embarrassments when prior to her recent concert, she made an unthinkable mistake disclosing how she obtained 32 points at her A ‘Level as she was speaking on a live TV interview. A few days later before we could get over that, her wig fell off her head while doing a freestyle performance on Live TV again, Hummm.

These two incidents which some people called planned publicity stunts have been the talk of recent until last weekend when Spice took to social media and unleashed a controversial photo of her that has since then raised dust.

The photo which seems like one off a recent photo shoot shows Spice clad in a brown thick overcoat and brown pants with Part of her left boob showing and she is also not afraid of showing it.

The photo which made its way on social last Saturday afternoon made rounds in different WhatsApp groups as well as other social media platforms has covered the recent news Spice made when she gave back to charity SOVIKAP UG orphanage located in Salama. She donated different household items like mattresses and also had lunch with the children.

This is the Spice Diana photo that has raised dust on social media

Some social media users have condemned the ‘Onsanula’ singer where as some some are in support of her. Take a look at the social media reaction of the photo.


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