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Spice Diana Rubbishes Rumours Of Copying Sheebah’s Video Concept

Dancehall artiste Spice Diana was not happy about the media reports alleging that she stole the concept of Sheebah Karungi’s ‘Kisasi Kimu’ video shoot and used it in her upcoming ‘Tuli Kuki’ video.

The fast-rising dancehall sensation challenged the reports saying she has never copied Sheebah in any way from style to music and videos.

“It’s ok if the people and some of the news sites say I copied Sheebah’s concept, let’s wait for the videos and the fans will be able to judge. First of all I used different attire in my video and so did Sheebah.”


Spice Diana denies copying Sheebah’s ‘Kisasi Kimu’ video concept

“By the fact that I used army cloths for my songs’ artwork which Sheebah also did for hers doesn’t mean that I copied her concept and those writing about it are writing crap. People have been wearing army clothes because it’s the current trend and it is been on.” Diana fumed when chano8 asked her to clarify on the allegations.


Spice Diana in one of the scenes in the video


“I did not appear in army clothes in my video because I used black and gold. The controversy comes in because of the artwork where I wore army attire and I chose it because that was one of my favourite pictures from the photo shoot I did recently.” She concluded

Spice Diana’s ‘Tuli Kuki’ was shot by Nolton and George and will be out when the Ramadan period is done, where as Sheebah’s ‘Kisasi Kimu’ was shot by Sasha Vybz and will be officially released and premiered on 8th July. You can keep your eyes locked on Chano8 as we we’ll keep you posted on any new developments.


Sheebah (centre) in one of the scenes in the ‘Kisasi Kimu’ video


Sheebah Karungi

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