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Spice Diana Surprises NTV’s Douglas Lwanga

NTV’s The Beat presenter Douglas Lwanga celebrated his birthday Saturday but among all the celebrities he has interviewed on his programme ever since he started out, no one was capable of doing what Spice Diana did for him on Monday.

The ‘Onsanuula’ artiste decided to surprise Douglas with a birthday cake and it wasn’t just a cake but its design was something worth our attention.

Because the presenter loves caps, the cake was made of a red baseball cap with a big D encrypted on it to represent the name Douglas and it was fitted on top of a green base.


NTV’s Douglas Lwanga showing off his birthday cake given to him by singer Spice Diana

Even though the cake came late, Douglas could not hold his excitement as he decided to play five of her tracks back to back. “She’s the only artist to bring me a birthday cake. We are going to play her 5 songs on record,” Douglas said.


A look at the birthday cake that Douglas Lwanga received from Spice Diana

The fast-rising musician then went straight on her Facebook wall and posted that “woow, thanks Douglas for appreciating my surprise belated birthday gift. The smiles can really show but is it true that I’m the only artist who gave you a birthday present like you said on air?” she asked.

Spice Diana

Singer Spice Diana

Douglas Lwanga celebrated his 29th birthday on Saturday, 30th April and had a dinner celebration with his family later on in the day after clinching the Buzz Teeniez awards.



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